Black Friday Traffic Spike is No Problem For

I’m excited! I recently ordered a Dell XPS 8900 desktop online. Yes, I was one of the 100 million plus online shoppers who braved cyberspace to take advantage of the traditional Black Friday super deals. In fact, this year’s Black Friday, the biggest one yet, continues to see impressive eCommerce gains. Unfortunately, some eCommerce retailers did not fully fortify their IT infrastructure to handle this online shopping deluge, leading to site wide or intermittent outages and poor customer experience. By the way, metering your website traffic, while that is a band aid to keep your site going, contributes little to user satisfaction.

Several years back, Dell’s operations team was preparing for Black Friday. They were seeking a solution that can help them handle the onslaught of web traffic while maintaining high availability and performance on their website. After discussing with Microsoft alternatives for Availability Groups using DNS, the operations team turned to ScaleArc’s database load balancing software. The Dell team selected, tested, and deployed ScaleArc’s software within 6 weeks, well in advance of the Black Friday deadline.

Flash forward to Black Friday 2015 and I am happy to report that for 3 years in a row, performed beautifully. There were no site outages. Zero. Not only did they achieve zero downtime, they also maintained a flawless shopping experience for their valued customers.

“Along with improving uptime and performance, ScaleArc also speeds development because we don’t have to code HA into the apps.” – Justin Roan, IT director, Dell

To find out more about how Dell made the most of their SQL Server 2012 with AlwaysOn environment, read the case study here

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