ScaleArc on Google – Hitting the Cloud Trifecta

Blog image AWS, Azure, and now Google! ScaleArc now supports all three of the leading cloud platforms. We’re super excited that ScaleArc’s software for enabling continuous availability and simplifying the move to the cloud now supports Google Cloud Platform. We’ve also helped a customer already take advantage of our software on GCP – double win!

By supporting GCP, ScaleArc now adds Google’s customers to roster of organizations that can tap ScaleArc for better application uptime, automatic scale out, and faster app performance. We’ve already been working our magic on AWS and Azure.

Having our software on the Google Launcher marketplace means GCP customers can enable ScaleArc’s services on their own. Our software deploys transparently between application servers and databases, intelligently routing database queries to optimize application uptime and performance. We’ve integrated both our ScaleArc for SQL Server and ScaleArc for MySQL software on GCP.

Our long-standing customer Sazze has taken advantage of ScaleArc’s support of GCP to move several eCommerce workloads into the platform. The ScaleArc software makes it easy for customers like Sazze to benefit from elasticity in the cloud.

GCP customers can gain additional advantages, using the ScaleArc software to:

We look forward to enabling always-up, always-fast apps on GCP!

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