ScaleArc Increases App Performance with Enhanced Database Load Balancing Software

Updated release of ScaleArc for MySQL augments load distribution for faster throughput and adds support for latest version of MySQL open source protocol

PERCONA LIVE, SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 25, 2017 – ScaleArc, the leading provider of database load balancing software, announced today at the Percona Live conference that it has updated its ScaleArc for MySQL software. The latest release enhances the query load balancing capabilities of the software and supports MySQL 5.7.

ScaleArc’s database load balancing software deploys between application and database servers to direct traffic into the database on behalf of the application. The software provides app-transparent failover, zero downtime maintenance and faster application performance.

ScaleArc has augmented the query load balancing functionality to support the distribution of reads and writes within a transaction. Earlier versions of the software sent all transactions to the master server, and, as a result, applications that had the majority of queries wrapped in transactions could not take full advantage of ScaleArc’s load distribution capabilities. Now, all applications can leverage readable secondaries – called slaves in MySQL databases – to offload the master and increase application performance.

ScaleArc also updated its ScaleArc for MySQL software to support the latest release from the MySQL community, MySQL 5.7. This integration extends ScaleArc’s uptime, performance and scalability features to customers running this software.

“ScaleArc’s support for automatic read/write split has enabled us to scale out our MySQL databases with no code changes,” said Craig Thayer, CTO for eCommerce company Sazze. “Since a lot of application frameworks use wrapped transactions, especially in the eCommerce industry, this capability to support read/write split for wrapped transactions means many more companies can take advantage of ScaleArc’s automatic scale out capabilities.”

These enhancements join ScaleArc’s recent update to enable compatibility with Amazon Aurora. The update leveraged Amazon Aurora’s application programming interfaces (APIs) to apply ScaleArc’s uptime and performance capabilities to Amazon Aurora’s environment.

“As we innovate with every release, we extend the landscape of applications that can benefit from the improved availability and performance our software delivers,” said Rajkumar Irudayaraj, vice president of products for ScaleArc. “Our load balancing capabilities, combined with app-transparent failover, enable our customers to deliver the robust, consumer-grade applications that today’s customers demand.”

Percona Live attendees can visit ScaleArc at Booth #416 to learn more about these new capabilities and how ScaleArc enables better application uptime and performance.

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ScaleArc enables consumer-grade apps for today’s digital business – apps that are never down, are always fast, and scale anywhere. ScaleArc’s database load balancing software helps organizations of all sizes eliminate application downtime from database outages or maintenance, improve application performance, and scale database capacity – all without writing a single line of code. As a result, ScaleArc customers increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and accelerate time to market. Learn more about ScaleArc and its customers and partners at

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