ScaleArc Improves Uptime and Performance for Telmate Video and Audio Communications

ScaleArc increases high availability architecture and enabled database consolidation, simplifying operations and improving customer satisfaction

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 15, 2017 – ScaleArc, aleader in database uptime, announced today that Telmate has built ScaleArc software into its telecom environment to improve availability and performance of its communications services. Telmate provides video and audio communications to inmates in correctional facilities, enabling connectivity with loved ones and improved mental health. The technology provider also delivers verification and investigative tools and services that increase physical safety and effectiveness of correctional facilities.

Telmate relies on the MariaDB open source MySQL database to deliver these communications services. All calls go through the database cluster residing in multiple data centers. ScaleArc has alleviated downtime in the environment and increased throughput, enabling better communication services.

“We needed to ensure fault tolerance and better throughput on our mission-critical databases,” said Alex Alexander, database architect at Telmate. “We looked at a number of open source options, but ScaleArc proved to be much more robust and had been deployed in a much larger number of production environments.”

By delivering improved performance, ScaleArc enabled Telmate to consolidate its MySQL infrastructure. Telmate has also benefitted from ScaleArc’s built-in diagnostics to update and fix database problems. “ScaleArc analytics provided valuable insights into our transactions in the changed database environment,” added Alexander.

“Voice and video communications are particularly vulnerable to performance problems,” said Justin Barney, president and CEO of ScaleArc. “Slow service is essentially no service. By improving throughput and streamlining operations on Telmate’s conferencing infrastructure, we’re able to help Telmate deliver vital services to the inmate population.”

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