Enabling IOT Scale with No Code Changes

Blog image ScaleArc customer Sixgill faces a tough data challenge – how do you scale your infrastructure to handle millions of new inputs, driven by location-based marketing at global events like the Rugby World Cup, without having to build and code for major fluctuations in infrastructure?

Sixgill’s answer is to pair ScaleArc with AWS. That combination gives Sixgill all the flexibility they need to scale up and scale down in a “pay for what you use” model. The extra edge ScaleArc enables is gaining that adaptability with no code changes.

Sixgill uses ScaleArc to scale the underlying SQL Server database infrastructure on demand. “We don’t have to change our code to leverage more services on the back end,” explains John Dohm, CTO for Sixgill. The company generates as much as 3 TB of data a day, off data coming from 50 million devices.

ScaleArc’s software, acting as an abstraction layer that sits between the applications and the databases, means John and his team can adjust the data tier with no impact on applications. The software also enables distributed processing, so he’s been able to increase performance of the applications by hundreds of percentages.

Check out John’s video explaining the power of ScaleArc and AWS. Or download the case study to learn even more about how he tackled his scalability challenges. 

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