A Power Outage?
BA Has a Lot of Explaining
to Do

Blog Spotlight: BA Power Outage

The History of Databases

The evolution of the Database - from Lotus 123 to the cloud

Blog Spotlight: History of Databases

5 Steps to Bullet-proofing your Online Infrastructure

Blog Spotlight: 5 Steps

Helping Inmates Stay Connected to Family

Blog imageToday, ScaleArc shared the news that Telmate, which provides video and phone communications for inmates, relies on ScaleArc to improve uptime and performance for its teleconferencing services.

ScaleArc on Google – Hitting the Cloud Trifecta

Blog image AWS, Azure, and now Google! ScaleArc now supports all three of the leading cloud platforms. We’re super excited that ScaleArc’s software for enabling continuous availability and simplifying the move to the cloud now supports Google Cloud Platform. We’ve also helped a customer already take advantage of our software on GCP – double win!

More ScaleArc Magic – Speeding up Apps with Wrapped Transactions

Blog image A lot of applications are coded in a way that inhibits performance when you pair them with modern, scaled out databases. What’s the problem? It’s called wrapped transactions. And ScaleArc just solved this problem for apps on SQL Server.

The term “wrapped transactions” means every database query looks like a write. What apps use wrapped transaction? eCommerce apps like Hybris, apps written in frameworks such as Hibernate or Spring, and even new cloud-native development platforms like Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In other words, lots of business-critical apps use wrapped transactions.

Prepping for Black Friday? You’re Late!

Blog image Online retailers are expecting the biggest holiday shopping period ever this year, and we’ve all seen the impact on local malls, with retailers like Gymboree, Lane Bryant and Michael Kors closing thousands of stores.

Why the Cloud is Not Your White Knight

Blog image Every organization is looking at how to leverage the cloud, and its promise of simplicity is enticing. The reality, though, is that it’ll take some work to enjoy the benefits of elasticity and flexibility in the cloud.

And DBaaS offerings like Amazon RDS and Azure SQL Database are no different. Even these “full service” cloud operations will introduce new challenges you’ll need to overcome. 

Enabling IOT Scale with No Code Changes

Blog image ScaleArc customer Sixgill faces a tough data challenge – how do you scale your infrastructure to handle millions of new inputs, driven by location-based marketing at global events like the Rugby World Cup, without having to build and code for major fluctuations in infrastructure?

More Accolades for ScaleArc: “Most Innovative IT Software”

Blog image ScaleArc has done it again, with its software taking Gold in the 12th Annual 2017 IT World Awards. The company announced today that its software for Amazon Aurora took top honors in the Most Innovative IT Software category. 

Betting on Black Friday Bedlam

Blog image Every year, multiple retailers duke it out for worst outage of the online holiday shopping season. This year, as ScaleArc has already started working with clients on prepping for the Black Friday traffic onslaught, we thought it’d be fun to get ahead of the game, asking folks now about failures they anticipate next November.

A Power Outage? BA Has a Lot of Explaining to Do

Blog image The massive flight cancellations and delays at British Airways, and resulting haircut on the stock price of its parent company, highlight people’s intolerance for digital disruption these days. The airline has cited a power surge following an outage as the culprit, saying the event took out a large data center. The big question is why disruption of one data center – even a major one – could have such widespread ramifications for a global company like BA.

Another Day, Another Award for ScaleArc!

Blog image We did it again! The ScaleArc software has repeatedly earned kudos in the industry, from our customers, from Gartner, and from industry press. Today we announced our software won a Gold Stevie® Award– the top winner of New Product of the Year in Software for Cloud Infrastructure.

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